This RFA is currently closed. The deadline to submit an application for this round was August 28, 2019.


About the New Mexico Impact Investing Collaborative (NMIIC)

NMIIC is a foundation-driven funder collaborative designed to catalyze and scale impact investing throughout the state of New Mexico.  The mission of the collaborative is to create healthy, equitable, sustainable and economically vibrant communities within New Mexico by facilitating and increasing the supply and effective deployment of impact investing capital within the state. 

NMIIC’s members collaborate around impact investment opportunities, learning, and field building, and are active impact investors in non-profits, mission-driven businesses and intermediaries for the benefit of New Mexican communities.  Members of NMIIC currently include Albuquerque Community Foundation, Anchorum St. Vincent, Dragonhorse FLP, Hai Fund, Jessica’s Love Foundation, LANL Foundation, McCune Charitable Foundation, Santa Fe Community Foundation, Thornburg Foundation, W.K. Kellogg Foundation and others.  Members also include investors who are not currently active but interested in learning, field building and/or ways to complement their grantmaking activities with impact investing.  Foundations and impact investors participating in investment collaboration through NMIIC retain their own decision-making autonomy while leveraging NMIIC’s shared deal pipeline, process and learning.   

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About the Joint Request for Application

NMIIC is pleased to announce our first Joint Impact Investment Request for Application (Joint RFA).  Impact investments are financial investments that seek social and/or environmental benefits alongside a financial return.  Like grants, impact investments seek to advance a social mission or benefit.  However, unlike grants, impact investments are expected to be repaid

This round of NMIIC-supported impact investments through the Joint RFA will focus on the following priorities:

  1. Creating greater access to affordable housing including ownership and rental throughout the continuum from homelessness to workforce housing;

  2. Advancing sustainable food, agriculture and environment (including clean water); and

  3. Promoting an equitable & economically vibrant New Mexico that builds wealth and economic mobility for communities while providing robust entrepreneurial opportunities

The goals of these impact investments are to:

  1. Achieve equity and opportunity for all New Mexicans;

  2. Create environmentally and economically sustainable communities; and,

  3. Spur equitable economic opportunity that strengthens livelihoods and builds assets for communities.

Submissions to the Joint RFA will be shared with NMIIC’s impact investors and their network for screening, due diligence, and potential co-investment considerations. Additionally, Avivar Capital, LLC is managing the Joint RFA process on behalf of NMIIC and will be conducting the initial screening and review of the applications.

Questions related to the application process and answers from NMIIC staff can be seen here.

Eligibility & Terms

Applicants may be non-profits, mission-driven businesses and/or intermediaries/funds.  They may request loans or equity investments.  Investment and/or loan terms will vary depending on the proposed use of capital and alignment with NMIIC’s stated priorities and objectives.  Eligible applicants are those that:

  • Are within New Mexico and/or offer a product or service that clearly benefits people and places within New Mexico;

  • Advance NMIIC’s goals within its stated priority areas;

  • Demonstrate past track record of commitment to social impact;

  • Demonstrate potential for successful execution; and

  • Have the ability to repay investments.

Application Process & Timeline

All applications and supporting documentation are to be submitted via NMIIC’s website no later than 5pm (MST), August 28, 2019. Applicants who receive interest from NMIIC’s members or its network during initial screening will be invited to participate in the full diligence process. Any questions about the Joint RFA process can be submitted to  Questions and responses will be made available via NMIIC’s website.

The target timeline for NMIIC’s Joint RFA is as follows.  Please note that the exact timing may vary depending on the needs and complexity of the project, requirements of the potential impact investors for decision making, due diligence and deal structuring.     

  • August 28, 2019:  Submission deadline for applications

  • September 26, 2019:  Completion of applications initial review

  • September 30 - October 11, 2019:  Applicants notified by email of initial review results (Declined or Advancing to Full Diligence)

  • October 7 - October 18, 2019:  Selected applicants contacted by lead diligence provider

  • October – November 2019:  Full Due Diligence period

  • December 2019:  Investment decisions by participating impact investors

Instructions for Completion and Submission

  • In answering each of the questions, please be as thorough as possible within the indicated word limits.  You will not be disqualified for skipping a question but the more information we have to review, the more thoroughly we can assess your application.

  • You are asked to pick a type of capital request – debt or equity – in the application. If you would like to request consideration for multiple types of capital from NMIIC, please pick your primary request as debt or equity, and describe other capital requests in the application in “additional comments/notes” section

  • Please ensure your application and all attachments are received by 5 pm MT on August 28, 2019.